Notes on Calicut city

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Skeleton in the pond

This week's prmoninent headline on Calicut city is
' Skeleton found in the pond of chartered accountant'
Locals when encountered with a stench from Calicut's reputed CA's agricultural farm searched for the origin. To their horror they found a skull floating in the pond used for agricultural watering.
Police soon arrived. Using motor pumps dried the pond and pulled up skeleton pieces with one arm missing.
Who's bones are this?
Chartered Accountant totally denied any knowledge and categorically passed the responsibility of skeleton to Tamil labourers working there. ' I visit the place occasionally' he said to police.
Who has been murdrerd?
Police are working on the case.
May be they will come with with identity of the killed person and the killer
May be not.........

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Treatment of waste by an hospital

'Hospital waste is highly infectious and can be a serious threat to human health if not managed in a scientific and discriminate manner' (quote)
But it seems a prominent hospital in Calicut has no care at all about human health over its profit margins. This is made clear by it by dumping large quantity of hospital waste in a well in a Calicut city suburb conveniently and casually. People living there agitated, Calicut civic authorities intervened, brought jcb to dug out the waste in huge quantity from the contaminated well and surroundings.
Later authorities served a notice to hospital authorities to explain and threatened of shutting down hospital. Hospitalwallahs promptly replied about a contract they gave to clear building debris to sombody and wondered how hospital waste got into the trucks and put sole blame on contractor.
Now civic people has issued a second notice stating the explanation is not satisfactory and enquired about the arrangements of hospital of waste treatment.
So now the ball is in hospital, let us see how they kick it back and who will score the winning goal!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calicut City Pics

See some pictures on Calicut city on some photo sites including Flickr, Travelpost, Fotopages, Kodakgallery, Photosite, Fotolog, Fotothing etc. Will continue posting Calicut city pics in these sites.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sunday evening rains havoc in Calicut city

Sunday evening rains in Calicut were terrific. Heavy rains accompanied with strong winds lashed again and again and created much havoc in the city. Many trees, branches, Hoardings fell down on houses,roads, electrical cables. Sheets on housetops were swept away by the wind. Power supply was disrupted for many hours. All along Monday electricity men were seen cutting trees and repairing damages by the weather. As rains poured continuously in Calicut city and fresh water substituted still ponds mosquito menace was not pronounced even in the absence of fans. Now for two days again lull in the monsoon activities.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Rains raining with intervels

Yesterday rains had a field day. Today they have calmed down somewhat giving Calicut people and roads breathing space. Slowly potholes are started appearing on the roads. Concerned authorities will keep these holes growing big and big until they become big enough to gulp down two wheelers and break down four wheelers. Very casually taking their own time authorities will repair damages closely by the time of the arrival of next monsoon!
At Calicut railway station they have done a good thing at last. A shed has been constructed for the two wheelers kept there by commuters. So from this monsoon onwards a large number of bikes and scooters are escaped from rain and shine later. overhead pedestrian crossing is slowly progressing from the frontyard to third platform and beyond. Its progress is snailbeating as usual. From the newspapers it is learnt that Calicut station is being made a model station along with some other stations. some years back also this model making scheme was announced but dont know what happened to the modelling.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

about meetta pan and paanwaalaahs

evening took a walk along central market to link road. All along roadsides spread with lavish waterpools so walking was not smooth. Everytime had to look back and around for probable mudwater sprinkling vehicles. First journey target was ATM of ****bank. To take cash and reserve tickets to ernakulam from Calicut railway station. When reached there securityman announced the nonfunctioning of ATM. Next nearest machine of this bank is two kms away. Not enough time to go there and come back to railway station before closing of reservation counter. So tried another bank's ATM but that machine spit a piece of paper replying in negative. i postponed reservation to tomarrow and walked further to sm street. Just at the beginning of the Link road young paanwaala is sitting under an umbrella (as a part of the scenery) even in these rains! Went to him, ordered a meetta paan. He did all the usual actions am familiar with for the last 28 years when started eating pan from roadside paanwallahs. (only their faces change, persons change, yet the images are definitely not changing- coming from some distant places to make an earning and a living, not much buddies to talk and enjoy, most of the time simply sitting silently). Taking a small betel leaf, pasting on it different ingredients from different bottles and small tins. finally folding it and handing over for Rs.3/- Though for the past years prices for anything and everything have doubled and threbled i think this meetta paan's price is still the same from the begining! Or almost same, at least in Calicut ci.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

heavy rain means flooding some roads

whenever heavy rains fell in calicut city some roads will be flooded. pavamani road, areas surrounding stadium and new bus stand asokapuram road near jaffar khan colony etc. this is mainly due to non clearing of drainage in these places which should have been done before the arrival of monsoon. now see how much hardships these are causing to the people in calicut city especially in these days of rat fever and other epidemics. moreover vehicle movements in the above mentioned parts are difficult or altogether broken till the flooded water receded. dont know why the authorities are not capable of this simple task of cleaning the drainage which does not need any heavey equipment and detailed planning. only some manual labourers and will power is needed to keep the city from rain floods.